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Welcome to the Daynotes Gang

The history of this little undertaking had its origins in Jerry Pournelle's daily musings on computers, life, and everything. Bob Thompson followed with a similar daily journal, and... well... as they say, the rest is pretty much history. Below, you will find a bunch of ordinary folk who simply like to write. The links below will take you to our daily journal pages. Some of us write for a living; some write simply for the cathartic pleasure of hearing ourselves think. And while you'll find a general thread of computers and computing sprinkled throughout most of our meanderings, there's a lot of personal reflection here too. So pull up a stump, and get comfortable. Boy do we have some stories for you... 

This latest revision incorporates only the current active Daynoters. For the historical archived Daynotes page, click here.

bulletJerry Pournelle (Chaos Manor, Current View)
bulletRobert Bruce Thompson (Triad Technology Group)
bulletBo Leuf (Leuf Daynotes)
bulletSjon Svenson (simply Svenson)
bulletJohn Doucette (Silicon Patch)
bulletChris Ward-Johnson - (Terroir)
bulletBrian Bilbrey (Orb Graffiti)
bulletDan Seto (Misc Ramblings)
bulletDan Bowman (The Time Sink)
bulletMoshe Bar
bulletBob Walder (View From The Edge)
bulletPhil Hough(Phil's Diary)
bulletFrank McPherson (Notes from the Cave)
bulletJohn Dominik (Daynotes on a Budget)
bulletDave Markowitz - Blog O'Stuff
bulletRick Hellewell - Digital Choke Daynotes
bulletGreg Lincoln - Greg's Adventures
bulletMat Lemmings - Plans for yesterday
bulletNetwidows (Significant Others of the Daynotes Gang)
bulletMike Barkman - In Memoriam

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